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There are many benefits to waxing versus many other kinds of hair removal methods. The smooth effects of waxing last far longer than others, because waxing pulls each hair from its root. Consequently, the hair will not grow back for up to eight weeks. Waxing will never cause the little nicks or tiny cuts you get with shaving, which can leave scars or discoloration. Shaving can be harsh on sensitive skin, causing rashes or skin irritation. Shaving also leaves stubble, even after the closest shave. By choosing waxing over other methods of hair removal, your skin will feel soft and smooth for much longer. Come in to Nail Art today and you will leave with baby soft skin.

Please keep in mind that there are a few things that you should avoid before coming in for your waxing treatment. Avoid the gym for at least an hour. Don’t head to the beach or the tanning salon for at least two days because your skin will become slightly irritated by tanning. Facial peels or dermabrasion should be avoided for at least twenty-four hours prior to your waxing. The technicians at Nail Art are also skilled at providing the appropriate waxing solutions for your unwanted facial hair problems. Your brow will be perfectly arched, your lip smooth, your legs silky and soft.

We use the best waxing products designed to remove your hair at the root. This treatment will leave your skin stubble free and glowingly beautiful for weeks. Art maintains very high standards of cleanliness so that we can keep our valued clients safe while we work to make them beautiful. Nail Art uses warm wax so that it spreads evenly and easily over your skin. The comfort of our clients is paramount to Nail Art. If you are in need of any waxing services, come and visit us at Nail Art. We promise that your experience will be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.