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Nail Arts Spa Pricing

Nail Arts offers both regular pedicures as well as our featured spa pedicures. Here you will enjoy a serene zen filled environment where you can lean back and let go while our skilled technicians pamper your feet. Our basic, classic pedicures offer a warm soak followed by nail and cuticle care and the polish of your choice. Our spa pedicure is designed to appeal to all of our client’s senses. The spa pedicure begins with a long soak in our whirlpool massage chair, followed by nail and cuticle care, a relaxing massage and the polish of your choice. Additional services are offered on request for an additional fee, including a paraffin wax treatment to soften your feet and specially painted designs of your choice by our skilled technicians.

There are many benefits that come along with properly maintaining your feet with regular pedicures. By clipping the toenail and with thorough cleaning you can prevent nail diseases and stop toenails from becoming ingrown, providing health benefits as well as a well cared for appearance. Our technicians will exfoliate your feet, which can prevent the painful occurrence of corns or bunions. A good foot massage will help you by relieving all of the tensions of the day as well as stimulating circulation.

Today proper pedicures are no longer a luxury, but are now considered a necessary part of proper foot car. If you are concerned about the health of your feet, or if you have a loved one who cannot properly care for their feet, come to Nail Art and have one of our skilled technicians provide all of the care and treatment necessary for healthy feet. You won’t regret it!

Nail Arts offers wonderful quality work for our valued customers. Our staff technicians are experienced and fully trained to provide superior service. Come in and unwind while you enjoy all of the wonderful relaxing services that Nail Arts provides. Our pedicures and spa pedicures are designed especially for your comfort and enjoyment, and we offer a quiet, warm environment to add to your experience. A good pedicure or spa pedicure helps to add to your appearance as well as to your comfort. Why not take a beauty break and come in to Nail Art for a bit of pampering? Your feet will love you for it!